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A strong partner for demanding real estate

Due to our many years of experience in the area of unique rental and STWE properties, we have specialised ourselves in the management of sophisticated properties. Be it the monumental villa with a flat roof or the architecturally sophisticated multi-family house with maintenance-intensive interior work - we know how to deal with such objects and spare no effort to carry out the maintenance work professionally and carefully. At the same time, we understand how to offer the appropriate service to tenants or owners.


If you are looking for an administration for your collector's property that knows how to deal with unique properties, please feel free to contact us.​

Optimisation & assessment of investment properties

Another one of our services is the valuation and optimisation of rental properties. Especially in challenging times, it is particularly important to know that the best possible return is generated in property management. For this reason, we offer our customers the opportunity to find out whether their property is generating the best possible return or not. We are happy to provide further information by phone.

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